About Nurtured

OK, so this is where most websites will have something like “we started our business because after having our two children, we couldn’t find any great products for little Mungo or Pringles to use. After a career in commercial litigation, I now operate from home and hope you will like our site us much as we do…”

About here I should insert a picture of us with our precious first child and a Labradoodle, on a warm Spring day…

Fun Family Picture

I know, you’ve read it all before, yep we have 4 kids and Nurtured is a family business that started in our garage and has grown over the years. But here’s what you need to know about us…

  1. We’ve been trading since 2006, if you have a problem we will be here to help you. Since we started we’ve seen dozens of baby, kids, nursery stores disappear and most of these have been on-line stores. Many times we end up helping out people with product issues because the ‘store’ they bought it from is long gone.

  2. Our staff know their stuff, most are parents who can relate and talk to you. Baby & Kids gear and clothing is what we do, we don’t sell fridges, computer games etc.

  3. We don’t compromise on safety as it is our view that you have nothing more valuable than your child. We can source $50 booster seats that just scrape through safety tests, but as I wouldn’t feel safe putting my own kids in it, then we believe it’s not good enough for our customers.

  4. We have a real bricks & mortar store – we are not operating from home or out of a warehouse. We obviously have a website (cos you are reading this), but you have the comfort of being able to drop in for a chat and see us.

  5. We have a massive range of products, sourced from Suppliers worldwide. We have over 300m2 of retail space, packed with products we’ve carefully chosen.

  6. Our products aren’t cheap, but Nurtured isn’t expensive. The products we generally stock cost a little more, but that is due to higher manufacture costs for quality components. In our personal experience when we have bought cheap within a short time we often regret it, on the other hand we have never regretted buying quality.

  7. We are not a chain store – if we don’t like a product then we don’t stock it. We also don’t import cheap product from family in China or off Alibaba, rebrand it and try and pass it off as high quality, nor do we put a 400% mark up on products so we can have ‘50% off storewide’ sale every Thursday. We try to keep our pricing competitive and offer strong follow up service and support.

  8. Our customers trust us and we look after them. This is the reason we have customers that travel from as far as Whangarei to Christchurch to come and buy from us, and we have customers now having their second & third children still coming to us for support and advice on products.

PS – Oh yeah, you may realise that family picture has slight problem...that’s right, it’s not actually our dog, we just used a lost cocker-spaniel for the photoshoot!

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