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A very funny and educational CD all about horses. It features Harvey the Horse,Brent Holmes and some of the country's finest musicians.

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Brent is one of the best selling children’s recording artists in the United States. Parent’s Choice described his music as “Some of the prettiest and some of the silliest children’s songs ever recorded”. His fun and educational CDs and DVDs are sold in gift shops all over the United States, Canada and parts of the Caribbean. Over the last twelve years he has released ten CDs and four DVDs on his Fun Tunes for Kids record label. Each of his award winning line of children's CD's was produced by Emmy nominee Dave Hoffner. They all feature at least twelve highly original songs and most of the CDs have an educational spoken track at the end. His gentle voice and highly creative songs have helped his recordings become “The Children’s Music that Adults Adore” because both children and adults love his music.


  1. When a Horse Walks into Your Birthday Party
  2. When You Find a Horse in Your Bubble Bath
  3. My Horse Sent Me an E-Mail
  4. If a Horse Tries to Lick Your Lollipop
  5. When a Horse Makes a Milkshake
  6. I Rode Savannah Down to Atlanta
  7. My Pony Needed a Haircut
  8. There's a Pony Sitting in Our Car
  9. Welcome to Our Neighborhood
  10. Riding Our Ponies in the Big Parade
  11. Camptown Races
  12. My Horse Lost the Keys to His Helicopter
  13. Makin' Lemonade
  14. Fun Facts About Horses


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