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From the Manufacturer:

Our unique lifestyle collections are designed for babies and children up to 12 years and are our interpretation of exploring the connection between textiles and the creative process. Each collection embodies our habitual characteristics of combining our unique colour palette, hand-drawn artwork and natural fibres. From global inspiration, we create art inspired, practical clothing for children wishing to express their creativity and individuality.

All elements are made by hand. We choose hardwearing yet huggable fabrics to allow for active play for the most adventurous child.  Featuring our soft cotton jersey with elastane fabrics, specially milled for ultimate comfort and durability, our t-shirts, jersey dresses and bodysuits etc can be stretched to their limits whilst recovering and retaining their shape.

There is one common thread throughout the eeni meeni miini moh® and e3-M® collections – it is simply the passion.  Everything that we create is filled with the heart and soul of a truly passionate team and should provide enjoyment to everyone with an interest in design.

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