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Kaloo, a French story made of passion, love and dreams, to offer our little ones a soft and enchanting world that would meet their needs in terms of learning, health and safety. For more than 16 years the Kaloo brand has been specializing in soft toys and bedding accessories. Kaloo is now present in nearly 40 countries.

Beautiful gift boxes and soft tags, all these details are the sign of the special attention that Kaloo brings to their creations.

Each Kaloo product is the culmination of a long history and the collaboration of various departments brought to fruition. The concept originates from within the Kaloo creative designer’s team. A theme is elaborated on and a story defined. These words are then translated into a drawing; impression transcribed into shapes, patterns and materials. Special attention is paid to the material, ensuring quality of touch and color harmony – our brand signatures. A rough draft is then passed to the workroom. The initial form is then modified and reflected upon until a final model is perfected. Once arranged in their round gift boxes, a Kaloo soft toy just has to wait for a baby’s arms.

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