Speaker Nightlight - Skull Expand

Speaker Nightlight - Skull

Blue Sky



The Perfect Design for Enjoying Music. Simply connect your device via Bluetooth or use the AUX audio port to connect your device. Once connected watch the etched design light up and change colour to the beat of the music. Amazing Optical Illusion Makes any room in your home a little more interesting with the illusive effect of the Glowing LED Sound Reactive Speaker! This beautiful speaker can be used a mood light changing colour. A combination of handcrafting techniques and CNC machining. The clear acrylic 5 mm thickness glass design is created using an engrave machining process and finished by hand sanding.The 3D led light gives off very little heat, so you'll never feel hot while listening to music at your desk.

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$ 64.95

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  • POWERFUL SOUND - Dual 3W speakers delivering a perfect crisp sound for those relaxing evenings or background music at work or home.
  • DESIGNED IN YORKSHIRE! - This speaker has been engineered in the UK. Unbelievable sound that is accompanied by a beautiful light show. Blue Sky Studios has a history of developing high end novelty speakers at a reasonable price.
  • REACTIVE LIGHT SHOW AND MOOD LIGHTING - This is not just a speaker but a speaker that has a built in light show. Watch the etched design light up and dance to the music in an array of colours.
  • BLUETOOTH, AUX-IN, RECHARGEABLE BATTERY - This is not just an on the shelf speaker! The rechargeable battery allows you to take this speaker on the road with you! Compatible with Bluetooth devices and has an AUX IN which allows you to use this on every music device.


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